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Grolly’s Memory: Our Latest Educational App is Out Now!

Friday, den 18. May 2012 | Schlagwörter:

goodbeans proudly presents „Grolly’s Memory: Learning & Matching Animals for Kids”, an engaging memory game especially developed for young pre-schoolers. The lovingly designed graphics and animations are ideal for their little hands and offer all kids over 2 years the perfect introduction into the memory games world.

Accompanied by the cute monster Grolly, the well beloved hero from goodbeans’ successful kids app “Grolly’s Animal Adventures”, your child can train and sharpen their memory in a fun way while learning and matching exotic animals.

In a stimulating and fun challenge, children search for the right pair of animals by tapping the cards one by one. Every time a matching pair of cards is discovered, a lively animation of the found animal is shown and the names of the animals will be learned by listening and seeing.

Simple rules and an intuitive interface make the educational app easy to use and fun to play. Translated into both German and English, there are three different levels of difficulty to cater for the needs of each and every child.

„Grolly’s Memory: Learning & Matching Animals for Kids” currently has three available chapters: Asia, Africa and North Pole. Every chapter has a high level of re-playability with there being more than 15 different animals with animations in each one. The Asia chapter is available now for free in the App Store. Click here to download it.


From today on Young Internet will be goodbeans

Monday, den 16. April 2012 | Schlagwörter:

We are changing our name to goodbeans and are aiming to become the number one mobile gaming company for families worldwide. This rebranding follows our strategic decision to focus on mobile apps, while keeping Panfu and Oloko as strong pillars of the company.

Read more in our Press Release


Verena at TEDxBerlin

Monday, den 6. February 2012 | Schlagwörter:

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a global nonprofit organization, focusing on “ideas worth spreading” through conferences.The intention is to find and support people with outstanding ideas and new projects, and to give these people a voice at the TEDxBerlin.

As each speaker is only given a limited 18 minutes to present their ideas in the most innovative and engaging way possible, the speaker must present their thoughts clearly in an organized manner, with strong points for others to take away. Talks are available for free online viewing under a Creative Commons license, at

On the 21st of November, last year’s TEDxBerlin took place with “High Energy” as the focus of talks. Our CEO Verena took part with her talk “Don´t be the boiled frog – jump”.

Verena spoke about companies getting too comfortable in their comfort zone that they start to lose their alertness and energy to constantly reinvent themselves. The companies behave like the frog in the warm water that misses the point to jump out of the pot before the water starts boiling. She explained that companies need to continually question and re-invent themselves in order to adapt to changing market conditions and create new needs. Anyone who reacts slowly, or in a pretentious or arrogant manner and does not leave their comfort zone, will not succeed. This is due to the fact that being successful in the past or in the present is no guarantee of future success.

At Young Internet, we have used brainstorming, innovation-days, open communication and lessons learned, to turn a browser into a mobile company. Verena shared 5 lessons learnt from Young Internet on how the company got themselves out of the hot water and how other companies can do the same.

The topic came naturally to Verena who strongly believes that the companies that will be successful in the future, are those that do not wait until the water boils but that stay entrepreneurial, stay hungry and actually jump to reach the next level.

“Grolly at the North Pole” – including Christmas Special!

Monday, den 19. December 2011 | Schlagwörter:

Just in time for Christmas, we have a new chapter of our successful app “Grolly’s Animal Adventures”.

In keeping with the Christmas season, Emma and her cuddly monster Grolly lead us all the way to the North Pole and the Arctic, where again there is much to discover! Puffins, polar bears, and arctic hare Muschosochse are just some of the animals that will surprise the whole family with their typical sounds and movements.

In keeping with previous chapters, more information about the animals and the landscapes are reflected in Golly’s encyclopedia. Furthermore, the kids can graphically experience the rare natural phenomena of the northern lights as well as a nice Christmas surprise ensuring our winter chapter is truly magical. When the new chapter is purchased, the first chapter (Asia) is automatically included for free.

“Grolly at the North Pole” is NOW available on the App Store: Look for “Grolly” or Click here to go to the product page.

Enjoy our new chapter!




Young Internet supports the Christmas campaign from Save the Children

Monday, den 28. November 2011 | Schlagwörter:

In the weeks before Christmas many aid organizations are competing with each other. Those who decide to give something to the needy of this world have a hard time choosing between so many fundraising organizations.

With the “wish list” concept, Save the Children has launched a campaign which stands out from the others by being very innovative. The online-shop from Save the Children is a virtual wish list. Here you can find unusual gifts that are making children around the world happy, and who desperately need help.

This is how it works:

First, one selects and purchases a gift from the Gift Store of Save the Children. You will find something for each pocket-size and every budget: from a week’s food ration of a couple of chickens to a yak or even a classroom. The recipient gets a card with a gift receipt.

Gift for example a weekly ration of peanut paste, this means a malnourished child is supplied with the necessary nutrients. Or endow chickens – a gift with lasting value because they give a family the opportunity to take care of themselves for a long term.

Click here to get into the Gift Shop and have a nice time by fulfilling the wishes of children in need!

“Grolly’s Animal Adventures” – our first iPad App!

Thursday, den 3. November 2011 | Schlagwörter: “Grolly’s Animal Adventures”, App Store, Grolly, iPad App, iPhone App,

We are very proud to introduce you to “Grolly’s Animal Adventures” – our first iPad game for the whole family.

Join Emma on her adventurous dreams in new animal worlds and help her bring her favorite toy Grolly back. Your child is the film director always deciding what happens next by touching the animals. Learn more about the exotic animals in Grolly- encyclopedia by reading the dictionary entries. This lovingly crafted story is one of a kind and completely unique.

Every animal and each scene has been designed with exceptional detail and a sense of reality. The animations will undoubtedly enforce big smiles on both yours and your child’s faces.

“Grolly’s Animal Adventures” is NOW available for FREE in the App Store: Look for “Grolly” or click here to go to the product page. Enjoy our first in-house iPad App!

“Grolly’s Animal Adventures” is now also available as an iPhone-Version for as little as 0.79 €. Click here to download the iPhone version on the App Store!

Grolly's Animal Adventures

Young Internet Team Rocks Berlin

Monday, den 31. October 2011 | Schlagwörter: News, PLAY Berlin, Teamevent, Wii Championship,

Yesterday it was once again high time to get everyone’s fingers away from their computer keyboards, leave the office in the Winsstraße and make Berlin unsafe!

Another spectacular Young Internet team event should find its way into the history books! Would you think bowling, Frisbee and canoeing go together? In PLAY Berlin near Alexanderplatz, 50 slobs have proved you wrong.

The first Wii Championship is definitively worth exhibiting and ended without any injured victims.  After three hours of fierce fidgeting and daredevil show performances the winners were announced:

First Place: Team Woody: Jördis, James, Michael and Kinga

Second Place: Team Helmet: Antje, Bjorn Kyle, Stefan

Third Place: Team Napasapa: Joel, Louis, Maaria, Rut

4.-11. LOOSER

We celebrated both the winners and the losers in the „Alte Kantine“ in the “Kulturbrauerei” until the early hours of the morning!
We look forward to the next time Young Internet rocks Berlin.


School lessons on Panfu

Thursday, den 15. September 2011 | Schlagwörter: Freddy, Panfu, TIVOLA’S “LERNEFOLG GRUNDSCHULE”, underwater school,

…with competent assistance!

Freddy the vampire, the star from Tivola’s “Lernerfolg Grundschule” (Successful learning for the primary school) is dwelling in Panfus underwater school from September. Selected educational game content in cooperation with, Tivolas online learning portal for elementary school students, provides the daily dose of learning success.
In the learning games, school subjects such as math, English, German, and concentration are processed in a creative way and learning content is explained using concrete examples from everyday life. Every day there are new challenges that must be mastered. The cute vampire Freddy is hungry for knowledge, explains each task to the kids, and assists them with problems.

We are happy to teach children that learning is fun!


The new Young Internet Webpage is here!


It’s the final count-down: 3 – 2 – 1 Finally made it!

We have a brand new company webpage. Here you will find an overview of our products, our company culture, our mission and way more. You can have a look behind the scenes of Young Internet and get to know the people which stand behind our company and see what they have to say. Furthermore we will keep you posted on product updates, exciting news around our company and current vacancies.

An exciting site for parents, press, and all candidates who believe in children! We are happy to welcome you here!